Panchal Machinery


Horizontal Machining Centre

Our latest HMC CNC from Japan, DMG MORI SIEKI HMC ensures accurate machining of our cast iron housing.

Vertical Machining Centre

We employ a large array of VMC machines for machining of our cast iron housings.

Turning Centre

All of our components are precision turned on our turning Centres.

Hobbing Machine

Gleason Pfauter CNC gear hobbing Machine.

Thread Milling Machine

Worm thread profiles are generated on thread milling machine with special cutters.

Cylindrical Grinding Machine

All of our components, i.e. worm shafts, gears and pinions are precision ground on our cylindrical grinding machine.

Thread Grinding Machine

Worm, Shaft after heat treatment is profiled ground on thread grinding machine.

Gear Grinding Machine

All of our gears and pinions are profile ground on our state of the art CNC Niles Gear Grinding Machine.

Osaka Seimitsu Testing Machine

Our advanced profile testing machine is used to check gears, pinions, worm shafts, and worm wheels.